I Goosed the Moose - T-shirts for him!

The most outrageous Montana T-shirts available.  One for him and one for her!

Montana is called the "Treasure State" and "The Last Best Place" for many reasons, but the fact is that Montana offers tourists so much to see and do that most never hear about the sport of moose goosing.  Yup, you heard that right.

In Montana you can goose the moose or even get your moose goosed during your trip to Big Sky Country!  But whatever you do, be careful who you ask about this as the locals try to keep it a secret and if you ask the wrong person, you may find yourself in a jam.  

To celebrate the sport of moose goosing, and to commemorate your Montana experience, we offer an exceptional badge of courage... a T-shirt.  In fact, we are the exclusive vendor for Goosed Moose T-shirts!

T-shirts for HER

Moose goosing is an equal-opportunity sport and you gals can can wear your badge of honor alongside your man.

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 The ultimate Montana tourist T-shirt

Get the ultimate tourist T-shirtThere is a hilarious website called Montana Sucks.  The purpose is to try to convince tourists not to visit Montana by spreading the rumor that Montana sucks.  This is a hilarious and entertaining spoof using a Smokey Bear look-alike saying, "Only you can prevent tourist tires" (from entering Montana). Check out Montana Sucks. See the article published in the Hungry Horse News.


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