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There is another hilarious Montana website called Montana Sucks.  Their purpose is to try to convince tourists not to visit Montana by spreading the rumor that Montana sucks.  This is a uproarious and entertaining spoof using a Smokey Bear look-alike saying, "Only you can prevent tourist tires" (from entering Montana). Check out Montana Sucks. See their article published in the Hungry Horse News.

Flathead Lake in MontanaFlathead Lake

Flathead Lake lies in the shadows of Glacier National Park and Big Mountain ski resort to the north.  The largest natural fresh water lake west of the Mississippi.  The problem is that unless you're a fish, Flathead Lake sucks.

Glacier National ParkGlacier National Park

People will tell you that Glacier is one of the most beautiful, awe-inspiring natural wonders in our country.  Don't listen to them, Glacier National Park sucks.  And besides, because of the global warming that Al Gore invented, the glaciers are all melting.  That sucks!

Montana Bears

Everything you ever wanted to know about grizzly bears, black bears (hey, even a few facts about polar bears)... and don't forget "Smokey the Bear" too!  Montana Bears

Montana Original Creations

Innovative gift baskets overflowing with products Made in Montana. Gift baskets for all occasions, birthdays, holidays, anniversaries, housewarmings and corporate gifts.

Log Homes and Log Furniture

What do you think of when you think of Montana?  Log homes and log furniture, right?  The world's largest directories of log homes and log furniture are hiding behind these links. Check 'em out!

Visit the Log Home Store!The Log Home Store

Where you can find rustic lighting, tasteful bedding and charming rustic log furniture, lodge style dinnerware, wrought iron metal art, bear and rustic décor.  Visit the unique Log Home Store