The Goosed Moose

Artisian Candles and Crafts

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Who We Are

We are a family of three in Macedonia, GA (suburb of Canton, GA) who all like to tinker and make things. We started making candles because great candles are hard to find. Friends got gifts and word spread so we decided to make our products avaiable to others to enjoy. We already made other things too like t-shirts, vinyl work, laser engraved goods, and other things so we decided to start venturing out with these too.

We hope you find something you loved and we love making them for you.

Goosed Moose will eventually have an online store (but maybe local pickup only), but for now, feel free to shoot us a message if you want to order something.

What We Have

Contact US

Canton (Macedonia), GA

Phone: 678-468-2726

Email: [email protected]